Chinook Valley Farm Peruvian Horse
Chinook Valley Farm Natural raised Beef

Our Foundation Sire: call name "JJ"
Jarkari v Temar, C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C.
OFA Excellent
DNA Tested

Chinook Valley Farm's Maine Anjou/Angus cow with her 5-month-old calf.

Established in 1975, Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm, in Chinnok Washington promotes the breeding of sound working Champion German Shepherd Dogs. We are members of our local and national dog clubs promoting education and awareness of the German Shepherd Dog.   

Puppies going home kit includes vet health cert., puppy training harness with leash,fuzzy toy with mommy's scent on it!  Vaccine & worming schedule, AKC reg. Papers, full pedifree, mom & dad's medical history.  

We have attended German Shepherd dog shows in throughout the United States, Germany, and  Canada. Our AKC  German Shepherds are enjoyed in family homes; they have been trained for therapy dogs, search & rescue, and the "DARE" drug program. Tina Woodworth teaches all-breed obedience, trains and titles her dogs, in obedience, herding, and conformation. Under the Echowood Kennel banner, Tina, along with her husband Larry, have titled more than 40 AKC Champions in conformation, obedience, and herding! The best part our German Shepherd Puppies start their young life getting fed our Natural Grass-fed Maine Anjou/Angus Beef!

Champion Peruvian mare
"Zarabanda MSR
keeping an eye
on her daughter "Angelina"
of Chinook Valley Farm

Intl. Ch. Jarkari v Temar CD,BN,BR,

Chinook Valley Farm's JJ enjoying a rest during his training workout.

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then himself--  Josh Biilings

Chinooks Valley Farm stud Dog German Shepherd  Intl. Champion JJ