Emy has been spayed and is in training for  Farm Dog and Canine Good Citizenship certification.  She will protect you and your home. 
Emy has her A stamp hip & Elbow certificate from Euorpe, she is DNA tested DM clear, Emy is spayed.   

For Sale Imported Female "EMY"


DOB 10/07/2016

 Import from Euorpe, Xsena For Sale

                     Price $4,000.00 

DOB 02/09/2016

Xsena will protect and protrol your property.  She is in heat and will be bred to JJ.
Xsena has a high prey and play drive. 
She is loyal and fearless.  Xsena has her "A" stamp certificate for hips & elbows.  Xsena is DM "Carrier/Clear"

Home Companion/Home Protector