Chinook Valley Farm German Shepherd 9 week olf female
Chinook, WA, AKC  German Shepherd pup 12 week old female
German Shepherd 8 week old male
Chinook Valley Farm at Echowood Kennel 5 week old AKC
ChinookValley Farm German Shepherd 4 mo. old Delta
German Shepherd 3 mo old Echowoods Raven of Chinook Valley Farm
AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies at 5 weeks
Chinook Valley Farm German Shepherd Puppies at 5 weeks
German Shepherd 5 week old Puppies, at Chinook Valley Farm

Hello Tina,    Hope all is well. I posted my short testimonial (below) on your face book.  I will send my testimonial for the beach shortly.  Delta knows her"come, sit, down, and stay"command very well now.  thank you for such a wonderful comapnion.  When I picked up my German Shepherd puppy from Chinook Valley Farm on June 5/6 2015, I was very impressed.  the litter box was immaculately clean.  Tine (the breeder) is very knowledgeable and so easy to deal with.  Although she has been breeding German Shepherds since 1978 and has a vast knowledge and insigt on German Shepherds, she is very honest when she is not familiar wirh a certain question and will give you a srraight answer.  I believe that her unparalleled knowledge on German Shepherds and sincere honesty are traits that separate her apart from other breeders.  I will surely come back to Chinook Valley  Farm for another GSD puppy. When we picked-up our GSD puppy.  When we picked-up our GSD from Chinook Valley Farm we received a complimentary stay at Cedars Ocean View Inn.  The staff was excellent: very courteous and eddicient. The room is so clean and the view from our window of the ocean was magnificent.  The manager is very professional and friendly. I would highlt recommend Cedars Ocean View In to anybody who is planning to visit Long beach.  

Mel S. Estadalla, Oak Harbor, WA

Ellie of Chinook Valley Farm,CGC, Chinook WA
 Our puppies are micro-chipped, Puppies are vaccinated and dewormed, guarenteed healthy.  Your puppies first year, bring your puppy to me, and get Free Training from Tina:  Certified Trainer. Our puppies have DNA tested parents, OFA  hip  & elbow certified.  
                               Our stud Dog :
Intl. Ch. Jakari V Temar,CD,BN,RN,CGC,ACGC
                         Call name:   "JJ"
German Shepherd puppy Chinook Valley Farm at Echowood Kennel

Jax Jr. and new Mom Teresa, waiting for their flight to Texas! 

Sire:  IPO 3, VA1 Yakari vom Holtkamper Hof
Dam: SCHH 2 V Delta vom Externstein

To display JJ's OFA hip & Elbow cert. click  Here

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The Holtkamper Haus Kennel in Germany, is revered throughtout the world, Holkamper Haus dogs are known for their sound realible breeding. 

Onja X JJ puppies at 3.5 weeks 

Sire: Intl. Ch. Jakari V Temar ,CD,BN,RN,ACGC,CGC
Dam: Onja V Temar, SchH1


Playing in the Pumpkin Patch, Fraulein at 10.5 week

Nakota a 9 mo. old son of JJ out of Hilda 

                 Natural Full Coat  No Trim

A Boy and his Dog-Marvin holding Gandalf,11 week old son of JJ 

Atari at one year, whose his Daddy?
                 it's  "JJ"

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Hip & Elbow  Here OFA cert.

Tensor at 8 wks in his play pen

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Raven 4 mo old AKC German Shepherd Female

Candy's Hips & Elbows, have the German "A" Stamp

Candy is DM Clear 

       Carley's Hips & Elbows have the German "A" Stamp

                                  Carley is DM clear 

 Genetic testing determines these Puppies will not develope DM

Carley's Pups Whelped

Oct. 27th, 2018

4Girls 2 Boys

Candy pupies DOB Aug. 23rd 2018





Genetic testing determines these puppies will not develope DM

Male                         Male                            Female                       Female                         Female               Felmale 

Carley X JJ Puppies at 6 weeks, DOB Oct 27th 2018

Carley X JJ Puppies at 6 weeks